A HIS 313 Constitutional History Of The United States


Each document is briefly summarized ( Magna Carta. Mayflower Compact. Declaration of Independence. Articles of Confederation. The Virginia Plan. The New Jersey Plan. The Connecticut Plan. The U.S. Constitution. The Bill of Rights). We discuss the importance of each document and its influence on American political culture.

Brief overview of who each philosopher is ( Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Montesquieu). Then discuss how their writings and ideas influenced founding fathers as they created the American political culture and the structure of the U.S. Government.

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A HIS 313 Constitutional History Of The United States
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A brief overview of each founding father ( Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams ) and discussion of their roles in the establishment of America and its government system.


Summary Of Documents and Their Impact on American Politics/Government

The magna Carta is a parchment created by the barons of England.

The parchment had the main goal of reducing the power of England’s monarch (Holt Garnett and Hudson 2015).

The parchment was written in 1215 by the king, who was then pressured to sign it.

The barons reporting to the king sought justice.

The magna Carta had a profound influence on American politics.

The constitution has most of the clauses it contained, but in a modified form.

For example, the right to have a trial in a court before making the decision whether to imprison or not.

The Mayflower compact was a set of rules established at Cape Cod, 1620 (Fraser 2017).

It was formed when colonists arrived from England to Cape Cod. There was no rule of law in place.

To preserve justice and order, colonists made the Mayflower compact.

The rules were established by the people for their benefit.

It played an important role in the shaping of America’s democracy.

It is one the earliest forms democratic rule.

The Declaration of Independence is an instrument that defines the terms of United States’ separation from British colonisers.

It was written in July 1776 by the thirteen American states that were then independent.

The document outlines the various human rights that are included in independence, such as the right of life and liberty to seek happiness (Hayek (2014)).

It was influential in the shaping of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It is still used in American politics today.

One example is the right to live.

The first constitution of the United States is the article of confederation.

It is the basis of the current American constitution. The current one has been greatly modified to accommodate changing needs.

The Virginia plan, which included 15 resolutions adopted in 1787, was a plan to amend the articles of confederation.

The changes included more powers for central government and the division of the legislative in to two.

The Virginia plan, which is still in force, has had an impact on American politics.

For example, the legislature has been divided into two parts and the central government remains strong.

The New Jersey Plan was developed shortly after the Virginia Plan and only proposed minor changes to Articles of Confederation.

The proposal’s main impact is that it will become the supreme law in the land and among the states.

The Connecticut Plan, which was proposed to form a bicameral House, was first developed in 1787.

Because it is made up of a bicameral house, it has had a significant impact on the structure of America’s government.

The United States constitution includes the rules and laws for the land.

It is the supreme legal system of the country and governs almost all operations of government and its institutions.

The bill is a list of rights that a citizen of the United States has (Rossum 2018).

The bill of rights therefore has an influence on government operations.

For example, anyone who is against the bill could be brought before a court.

Summary of Philosophers

Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher in the 17th Century.

He is remembered for his contributions to moral philosophy.

He was influenced by the civil war that took part in England in 17th-century England.

He invented the social contract theory.

The theory he developed argues that human beings are naturally selfish. If there is no rule or control, it would lead to catastrophe.

He claims that an absolute monarchy is the only solution to this problem.

Although he is now unpopular, he did influence the founding fathers in certain ways, including the development of the first principles.

These included recognition and application of unalienable human rights, social impact, as well as a limited government.

John Locke was an English philosopher, political theorist and political theorist during the 17th Century.

He is well-known for his liberalism.

He sees the human being as a blank sheet whose contents are shaped by the knowledge gained and experience (Hughes, Sharrock 2016).

He believed that the consent of those being governed should determine the form of government.

His philosophy had an enormous influence on the founding fathers.

It is clear that the founding documents were influenced in this way by the founding fathers.

His essays on religious tolerance were also influential in influencing the founding fathers’ decision to separate the church and state.

Montesquieu was an French philosopher who believed that the best way of avoiding corruption in government was to separate the powers.

He believed that power should be divided between several departments/actors, who would each check the other.

He greatly influenced the founding dads.

James Madison, in particular, used this philosophy to form the constitution.

Founding Fathers

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston in 1706.

Although he had many different jobs, his most notable achievements were publishing and his scientific inventions.

He became a statesman later.

He is remembered for his huge contribution and contribution to the country.

He represented the country at the Paris 1783 treaty of Paris that ended the revolutionary war.

He also participated in the drafting of the declaration to independence.

He also pioneered the first public-lending library.

His creation of the first national newspaper revolutionized media.

Alexander Hamilton is among the founding fathers.

He was born on Nevis, British West Indies.

He played an important role in shaping American politics.

He was the assistant to General George Washington 1777 (Howe 2017).

A year later, he rallied support for the New Yorkers towards the ratification of American constitution.

He was also the nation’s first secretary to the treasury, serving the country from 1789-1795.

During the American Revolutionary War, George Washington served the role of commander-in chief of American troops.

This means that he led the national army to victory during the war that gave rise to independence.

As the first president of the United States, he helped to shape American politics.

He was instrumental in the creation of the first constitution.

He knew that his legacy would be the foundation of the country’s future political direction (Cunliffe 2017).

His legacy was one of integrity, strength, and national purpose.

Thomas Jefferson was third president of the United States of America.

His contributions to American politics were invaluable.

He was part of the revolutionary war effort and the team that wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Later, he was elected to the Virginia legislature, and then as governor of Virginia (War Johnston and Johnston 2015).

He also served as minister to France in his cabinet.

He also served as secretary to state.

James Madison served as the fourth president in the United States from 1809 to 18.17.

He is remembered for his singular role in the creation of the first constitutions as well as the bill of rights.

He is commonly referred to as “the father of the constitution”.

John Adams served as the 2nd president, 1797-1801.

He was a founding father. He was also part of the revolutionary war.

He was vice-president from 1789-1797.


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