African American communities

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African American communities
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Throughout the course we have examined that the African American communities have changed drastically as more Americans have become aware of the injustices faced by millions of people of color. Analyzing African American history, examine the historical processes that led to Black Lives Matters.

Articles and videos to review to help you with this essay: 

Adriane Lentz-Smith is associate professor and associate chair in Duke’s department of history, where she teaches courses on the civil rights movement, black lives and modern America.Producer: Valerie Aguirre 2:38 p.m., Jun 2, 2020

1992 and 2020: A Look Back and Ahead in the Country’s Struggle for Justice

1992 Los Angeles Riots: How the George Floyd Protests Are Different

What’s Different About the Protests in Los Angeles This Time

Also Watch if you need more information to help you answer this :

‘It’s Been Setting in on Me That This Is Like a Cycle’The events of 2020 carry painful resonances for black families, whose collective memories of violence reach back generations.

How The George Floyd Protests Are Similar To The Outrage In 1992 During The Rodney King Riots

How video of MLK, Rodney King and George Floyd changed our view of police

1992 and 2020: A Look Back and Ahead in the Country’s Struggle for Justice

use at least 4 from the sources provided 

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