American Capitalism

Given what you have learned in class content and from Ages of American Capitalism involving the evolution of American capitalism, you will write a well-structured paper on the topic below. You will utilize Jonathan Levy’s Ages of American Capitalism as your main focus and also use your own research as contextual information. You will need to create a solid paper with a clearly defined thesis and argument. Pay attention to the organization so that the paper flows logically and so the introduction, body and conclusion all make sense together.

Requirements: – This is in APA Format.

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American Capitalism
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 The requirement for this assignment is 5 pages.

 This means 5 written, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font pages. 

This does not count for the works cited page at the end. 

You are not required to submit an abstract or a title page in your submission. I expect to receive a submission of no less than 6 total pages. Those with missing pages will be marked accordingly. – Keep in mind plagiarism rules of the college and that the paper will be verified. – This is a research paper but also leaves room for your feelings on the subject in light of the readings. Make sure you are focused on evidential support when expressing your opinion and your conclusion. This assignment should have a strong introduction, thesis, and related conclusion. You need to prove to the reader with evidence your position and justify the argument you are asserting in your paper.

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