Ancient Judaism

The following quote comes from page 209 of the textbook (Chapter 9, Zoroastrianism, Your Visit to Yazd, Iran):

“Scholars generally conclude that Zoroastrianism had a direct influence on ancient Judaism as well as some indirect influence (mostly through Judaism) on Christianity and Islam. The exact extent of this influence is sharply debated.”

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Ancient Judaism
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Do some research beyond the textbook to explore this topic and address the following:

– Title your initial thread in a way that reflects the content of your post (a creative yet respectful title to attract attention and to provide a hint regarding the content). Remember, the words “Middle East” and “Discussion” should not appear anywhere in the title.  – What are some of the primary things that the Abrahamic traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) are said to have borrowed from Zoroastrianism?- What are some of the arguments one way or the other in this debate?- After taking all of this in, what is your opinion about the claim of the Abrahamic religions borrowing ideas from Zoroastrianism?- Provide at least 2 research source citations in MLA format (see below).

Before writing on this topic, be sure to consult at least 2 sources regarding the influence of Zoroastrian ideas on the Abrahamic religions. This is because you are required to do research in association with each of the discussion topics so that you can provide well-informed opinions. Ensure that you provide original writing (do not copy the words of your sources) and that the citations are in proper MLA (Modern Language Association) citation format: MLA 

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