Argumentative essays

Writing an argumentative essay, it is important to adopt the stance of specific issues to convince your readers. It allows you to convince your readers of your beliefs. You need arguments to support your position after they read it. It’s not the same thing as a persuasive essay. You employ logic and evidence and not your emotions in your argumentative writing.

Which argument is it?

If you are going to write an argumentative paper, you should be aware of exactly what argumentation is. Basically, an argument consists of a series of facts that help to develop and strengthen your idea. In other words, it is the claim you make in your essay. Writing an essay like this it is important to use some examples to demonstrate your viewpoint better.

The structure

You should know three major argumentative essay models, and you will most likely apply them to your research: classical (also known as Aristotelian), Toulmin, and the Rogerian model. These structural models will determine how you structure your essay. If you choose the classical model, you must be attempting to convince the reader by presenting their perspective on an argument. You should present several sides of the argument. But, the evidence should back your particular position.

The Toulmin model is a model where you are only discussing one side of the argument and it becomes impossible to argue with your position. It is the Rogerian structure is about the common ground . two arguments are required to exist. Each model has advantages and disadvantages; therefore, you can choose depending on the topic.

Tips on building an essay’s structures

Often, you find out some tips on writing the type of essay late. Therefore, you can start learning these now.

Find a catchy topic. Be sure to choose a one that’s interesting not only for you but is also being discussed on the Internet such as. Make a list of the most controversial ideas that catch the public’s attention. It can be a lingering debate issue or something that has emerged lately.

You should think about the claim you plan to use in your work. In all there are five kinds of claims to consider for an argumentative essay. These are as follows:

  • The fact: whether the claim is true or not?
  • Value The importance of the argument?
  • Definition: What is this definition important? much?
  • Policy: What can you do in terms of the claim?
  • Impact and Cause: What’s the reason that caused an issue? What is the impact of this problem?

After you’ve chosen the topic that you’ll use in your argumentative essay you’ll want to read the following tips for making your writing even more effective.

  • Based on the argumentative model choose which argumentative style will best suit your essay the most.
  • Develop a thesis statement.
  • Find reliable sources information, facts, and proof to support your essay’s claim.
  • Make a well-organized and cohesive outline.
  • If you’re having doubts about your writing abilities or your understanding of a certain style, you can look up some examples of ready-made essays to help you get started.
  • Keep your thesis – your main claim throughout the essay.
  • The conclusion should correlate with your claim and match the model you are using.

Its thesis assertion: Why it is important?

The majority of the time, your thesis is an element of your introduction. It’s the most important sentence, the central one in the whole paper because it is the illustration of what you are trying to say. By reading the statement, a reader can see what you are going to write about in your essay. These suggestions can be helpful to you:

  • One of the most effective methods to formulate a claim for your essay is to record your statement in the form of a question. Do you find it interesting? Would you like to find out the answer and see what arguments the author has to offer? If yes, then congratulations! You found your thesis statement, and you can transform it into a sentence.
  • You must write down your claim and then contradict the claim. It might seem like something that isn’t quite right, however once you have written down your refutation and you have to define the facts that prove your original argument’s strength. The explanation of why you can’t accept the alternative argument will help you create an argument that is actually effective.
  • You should identify the main points that you’re thinking about and select the most significant from these. Concentrate on the main aspect you’re thinking about and think about underpinning the argument with the right evidence. It is possible to include some specifics in your statement that attract readers to read your essay and learn more about your views on the subject. You can think of your thesis statement as a guideline for the rest of the essay.

The thesis you write must be able to be debated and must make the truth or refute the assertions of your topic. A thesis should have a probability of being correct to be able to be debated. It should not, however generally accepted as factual; rather, it should be a statement that can be disputed by a variety of people. It is important to keep in mind that a thesis is an observation and an opinion

observation and opinion (the “why”) = thesis

Seeing if your thesis creates an effective counter thesis is a good way to see how solid it is.

Commonly-fallible thesis traps:

  • A thesis that is a fragment.
  • It is a thesis which is too broad.
  • A thesis is defined as an issue. (The thesis usually comes from the solution for the problem.)
  • Extraneous information is included in the thesis.

A close look at the process of writing an argumentative essay

Argumentative essays can be exciting as well as difficult for students. If you are given a task like this will help you establish and prove your position. Besides, it is an excellent way to test your critical thinking and analytical skills. The article will provide an overview of the process that makes up your experience with argumentative writing.

The outline is vital for a paper, and it is comprised of data and examples. Most of the time, the outline will include the introduction, the main part (the body) as well as counter argument and a conclusion.

A masterful introduction

Your introduction is not only your first paragraph. It should also have an end-of-the-page thesis. It is beneficial by spending the time to create an introductory part that can make a reader smile. If the reader has already agreed with your notion already, this section must make them want to read more to ensure that he or is interested in the data you present. If your reader has another view, the introduction must be convincing and possibly even stimulating to a certain degree so that the reader is unable to resist reading on.

However you must not push beyond the boundaries and come up with an organized, logical, and an argument that is rational. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Create a hook to support your point of view. The most effective way to grab the audience’s attention is to introduce an opening line from the start. It can be either an issue or a commonly held notion, and the goal is to give a hint of the subject you intend to address.
  2. Include some background information, especially if it helps to comprehend the significance of your argument. If you do this, you create a smooth transition into your assertion.
  3. Your thesis statement should be clear and concise. Now that readers are aware of your essay’s main concept, you must conclude the introductory paragraph with your persuasive thesis sentence.

Body paragraphs for your argumentative essay

The sources you research prior to writing the essay constitute the body portion of the work. It is your responsibility to present all facts and ideas in your main body’s paragraphs to back up the ideas that you have in the thesis. Each paragraph follows the exact outline, which is as follows:

  1. It is the initial sentence in each paragraph in the body. It states a single notion so the amount of paragraphs within the principal part is the same as the amount of supporting claims.
  2. Write the paragraph using pertinent evidence. You can include the most essential information you’ll need. The only thing you need to remember is to back every single factual assertion you make in your writing. Also, it would be best to have your body paragraphs at a reasonable size to ensure that the whole essay appears well-organized.
  3. The closing sentence. The last sentence of a paragraph must be a summary of the theme of this particular paragraph. However it should relate to the thesis statement and provide an idea of the next paragraph, if that is possible.

Making use of the counterarguments in the right

The paragraph with a counterargument is a follow-up to your main claims. The counter-opinion suggests a refutation which is in opposition to your principal argument. But, you should make use of this paragraph not to present a different perspective on the issue but to prove the validity of your argument. To create an excellent paragraph with a counterclaim, think about these points:

  • State the counter ideas you’ve got; it could be several or one of them.
  • Determine the most successful solution to these counterclaims you can think of.
  • Refute every counterargument you mention using proper evidence.
  • In the closing sentence, you will need to reformulate the main idea of your essay.

The final, but not the least the last part

The conclusion is not supposed to contain any new details or claims. This closing part of the essay should summarize the points that you outlined in the paper and underpin your major point one more time. Your conclusion should be precise and convincing so that readers are confident about the validity of your argument. It is also possible to include a call to action but it’s not mandatory.

Argumentative Essay List Topics

  1. Should testing on animals be put on hold?
  2. Are the #metoo protests a good thing?
  3. Are manufacturers responsible for the consequences of the chemicals that are used in the production or manufacturing
  4. Can illegal immigrants be granted residency?
  5. Is there a fake news issue? What’s the cause?
  6. Does “big Pharma” has the best interests of people at heart?
  7. Does the death penalty constitute a fair punishment?
  8. Should religious organizations be allowed in schools?
  9. Do you think “one nation with God” be included in the pledge to God?
  10. Should religion be taught in schools?
  11. Should clergy be allowed to marry?
  12. Are you ready to see Puerto Rico become a state?
  13. Should voter registration be automated?
  14. Are prisoners allowed to vote?
  15. Should the death penalty be legal?
  16. Do we need to allow testing on animals?
  17. Should possession of drugs be made illegal?
  18. Should cell phones be barred from vehicles?
  19. The internet has made our society better?
  20. Should parents restrict the time they spend on screens for their children?
  21. Do we really need to give everyone the internet for absolutely nothing?
  22. Is technology becoming too limiting?
  23. Should colleges and universities be free as elementary or middle school, as well as high school?
  24. Are college-aged students barred from participating to Greek life?
  25. Do art lessons have to be mandatory in the school?
  26. Should music and other types of art be free online?
  27. Do students cheating on tests be punished?
  28. Should schools restrict the use of computers and other tech for students?
  29. Do you think that single-sex education is better than co-education?
  30. Should schools operate all year long?

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