Can you drink alcohol

  • Discussion Prompt: “Weak” and “Strong” ChristiansChristians today are divided on what a “good” Christian looks like. Can you drink alcohol, smoke cigars, gamble, go to “R” rated movies, or vote for political candidates who are not “Pro-life”? In this session, we will look at Romans 14-15:13 and try to discern Paul’s view (biblical view) of “weak” versus “strong” Christians. Read the passage again and then respond to the following questions:
    • Define what Paul means by “weak” and “strong” based on this passage.
      • What conclusions can you make regarding “weak” and “strong” Christians in our culture today?
    • Paul is using the issues of ‘diet’ and ‘special days’ to illustrate his principles. What kind of issues do these translate into in our current culture?
    • What principles is Paul giving that we can apply to our lives and culture today?
  • Session 4 Response PaperYou will be completing a response paper based on your readings from either Romans or Titus. Your final paper should be one to two-pages in length. Address one of the following options in your response:
    1. In your reading of Gundry this session, the author argued that Romans 1:16-17 serves as the theme of all of the epistles. Study this verse and continue reading all the way through Romans 8 (Romans 1:16-18). As you read, trace this theme in Romans 2-8. In a 2-3 paragraph response, briefly discuss how the theme of 1:16-17 is evident throughout Romans chapters 2-8. Make sure that you reference any material that you are citing.
    2. Paul left Titus behind on Crete to straighten out a number of problems that Paul had not been able to resolve. Titus clearly had his hands full. The letter is short: read it and address the following:
      • Summarize the various challenges that Titus faced while shepherding the church in Crete.
      • Which of these challenges relate to challenges that today’s modern church or today’s modern Christian faces? What wisdom from the book of Titus is insightful while facing these challenges?
  • Session 4 New Testament Analysis PresentationPaul’s letters shape a great deal of the doctrine of the early church and our modern church, as his letters form a large piece of the New Testament that we read today. Throughout the epistles, Paul introduces several different doctrinal themes which have powerfully shaped Christianity throughout the centuries.For this assignment, please construct a presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, Powtoons, etc.) on a major Pauline doctrine from the list provided. Please choose one doctrinal theme from the following list:
    • Faith
    • Justification
    • Sanctification
    • Adoption
    • Ecclesiology
    • Day of the Lord
    • Explore the importance and significance of this particular doctrine in Paul’s theology.
    • Discuss/explore how the teachings of Jesus influenced Paul’s understanding of this particular doctrine.
    • What impact does this doctrine have on the modern church? How should Christians live in light of this doctrinal truth?

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