Confederation government

In response to the inability of the Confederation government, the writers of the Constitution had two main concerns. First, they believed that a stronger central government with more authority and power was needed. Second, they believed that the power and authority of this government must be limited with the states and the power retaining most of the power and authority. They were concerned about the potential abuse of power by those who governed. Therefore, they created many “checks and balances” to protect against the abuse of power. The Constitution divided the central government into three branches: legislative, judicial, and executive. They specifically defined the powers of each branch and reserved all other power to the states and the people. In this discussion I want you to write an essay to explain the concept of “checks and balances.” Describe several of the “checks and balances” contained in the Constitution and explain how they work. Feel free to discuss the reasons for creating this form of government. It is called a Federation and is a “representative democracy.” How is this different from a “pure democracy?”

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Confederation government
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