The U.S. Constitution

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After reading the Background materials and conducting further research on your own, answer the following short-answer questions:

  1. What were some of the key ideas which helped in framing the U.S. Constitution?How did these ideas differ from those in England?
  2. How did Federalists and Anti-Federalists differ in their view of government? Give details. (You may use the Federalist papers as a resource).
  3. What compromises were made between both groups in order to reach an agreement and ratify the Constitution?

The best way to approach this paper is to follow the order of the questions and begin your paper with, “1. What were some of the key ideas which helped in framing the U.S. Constitution? How did these ideas differ from those in England?” Since this is a two-part question, it would be good to present it in two sections. For example; once you’ve completed your discussion on framing the Constitution, then create a sub-title, “How did these ideas differ from those in England?”. And then present your findings.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Use concepts from the background readings as well as any academic resources you can find (Wikipedia-type sources are not acceptable). Please be sure to cite your sources within the text and provide a reference page at the end of the paper.

Length: 1–2 paragraphs per question, double-spaced, typed in 12 Point Times New Roman font.

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