Deducted from the grade.

Please define the terms below in 2-3 complete sentences.

Terms and people

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Deducted from the grade.
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1. Copernicus

2. Galileo

3. Rene Descartes

4. Francis Bacon

For these reading response questions, please attach your pdf file in the submission box. 

–Using your text as the source, answer each of the following questions in a minimum of 4-6 sentences.  Be sure to cite the pages from the text where you find your answer.  Each question counts as a percentage of the assignment.  If you fail to complete a question, then that percentage will automatically be deducted from the grade.  Here are some additional resources.

–Please see the rubric for how these will be graded.

Be sure to cite the page numbers from the text, and other resources to indicate where you found the material.

1.  Explain the Ptolemaic system of the universe.  How was the system of Copernicus different than the Ptolemaic? Why was Copernicus hesitant to release his book?

2 What were Kepler’s First and Second Laws and why were they significant?

3. Who funded Galileo?  Why might this have been important?  What were his significant achievements?

4. How did Sir Isaac Newton build on the ideas of the Scientific Revolution? 

5. How was the philosophy of Rene Descartes different than that of Bacon and others before?

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