Defend slavery

This is one large question with multiple parts, so make sure that you carefully address each part.  This question covers the entire span of the semester, so make sure you go back to the beginning of the course and trace these issues over the entire time span that this class has covered.  This report needs to be two pages long minimum, not counting the works cited page.

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Defend slavery
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Here are the questions you need to answer:

What kinds of arguments did Southerners use to defend slavery?

How did slaves commonly offer resistance to masters?

What happened to slaves during the Civil War, and would you see them as an asset or liability to the Southern war effort?

Once slaves were free, what problems did they face?

What did Congress do to try to guarantee freed slaves would enjoy the rights of American citizens, and did Congressional action work?

This report needs to be typed, double-spaced, with 12-point Times News Roman font, normal (default margins).  Your essay must be 2 pages in length minimum. Be sure you adhere to the Written Assignment Guidelines, and take care to cite all of your information, not just direct quotes.


You will be assessed on the following:

Written Communication Skills:  This component includes your ability to write clearly and cogently in order to make a compelling, readable case.  50%

Critical Thinking:  This component includes your ability to present and weigh arguments, to consider historical evidence, and to engage critically with your sources.  30%

Social and Personal Responsibility:  This component involves your ability to incorporate the context of the development of and conflicts over concepts of freedom, liberty, and justice in American history.  Your also must do your own work and where applicable cite the work and ideas of others.  20%

Note: Understanding the difference between content knowledge and research

Content Knowledge is information gained from materials assigned as part of the class (Lecture Notes, specifically-assigned readings from The American Yawp, etc.) 

Research is information gained from conducting individual research/readings not assigned as part of the class (such as other readings from The American Yawp not assigned, information from scholarly web sites, etc.)

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