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This last discussion board will a combination of some of our previous kinds.  Like the Module 1 forum, you will each be creating a meme.  But with a twist: like with Modules 3 and 7’s forums, you will be doing so IN CHARACTER as a historical person.

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Please embed your image; don’t attach it.  If you’re not sure how to do that, instructions are here.

Guidelines for Non-Text Forum Posts

you are Southerners

Now that you know your character, imagine memes existed in the 1850s.  Using whatever meme template you wish (or create your own), create a meme as though you were your historical character, commenting on the controversies of the day.  For example: what kind of meme would a Southern woman in 1859 make to comment on John Brown, or the Dred Scott case?  What kind of meme would a Northern abolitionist make to comment on the same thing?  What kind of meme would people make about tariffs, or states’ rights, or agriculture vs industrialism?  What kind of memes would Bleeding Kansas lead to?

Be sure to Like your classmates’ memes if you think they are good; the creator of the most-Liked meme from each side will get extra credit!

Please do not skirt the assignment by imagining you are a Southern abolitionist.  That is not the point.  As hard and distasteful as it may be, good historians need to understand historical people that we don’t agree with.  If you are meant to be showing the Southern point of view, you need to be a typical, pro-slavery Southerner.

As always, remember: you and your classmates are portraying characters, in order to understand their perspectives and motivations.  Just because you (or a classmate) portray opinions in this assignment does not mean that they’re your own opinions!  Stay in character.  Also, don’t be nasty to each other; remember that you’re IN CHARACTER.  Just because your classmate creates a clever pro-slavery meme DOES NOT MEAN YOUR CLASSMATE IS PRO-SLAVERY!  The purpose here is to put yourself in the shoes of historical people.

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