English Bill of Rights

Question 1(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)Which document is an example of self-government?

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English Bill of Rights
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 English Bill of Rights Magna Carta Mayflower Compact Treaty of Paris

Question 2(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)What did the Second Continental Congress decide?

 George Washington would write a letter to King George III. The American colonies needed their own army to protect themselves from the British Army. The American colonies would try to work out a deal with the King and the British government. Thomas Paine would write a song to unite the colonies.

Question 3(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)What did the First Continental Congress decide?

 To demand rights and to protest taxes To go to war for independence from Britain To pay any taxes imposed on them by Britain To send an apology to King George III for all the protests

Question 4(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)What was the Continental Congress?

 Group of delegates representing the people of the American colonies Group of soldiers from Canada sent to calm the riots Meeting in America of British and French politicians and merchants Meeting of delegates from Spain, France, and Britain

Question 5(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)How did Thomas Paine reach so many people with his pamphlet Common Sense?

 Hand-delivered it to thousands Included colored images Printed it with large font Used plain language

Question 6(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)Why did Patriot leaders create the Committees of Correspondence?

 They felt colonists needed new people to write to. They felt that together, colonists could influence British policy affecting them. They thought it would be nice to meet people from other colonies. They wanted to spread the idea of peace on Earth.

Question 7(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)What famous words did Patrick Henry use in his speech about independence from Britain?

 Give me liberty or give me death. Give us your poor and your sick. These are dark times. We stand united!

Question 8(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)What would the Committees of Correspondence discuss in town meetings?

 How British laws were affecting them How to repair British soldiers’ uniforms Where to buy fresh bread and eggs Where to find seeds for the farmers

Question 9(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)What did Patriots use to gain support for the ideas of freedom and self-government?

 Bribes Public conversation, pamphlets, and newspaper articles Silent meetings with the Committees of Correspondence Violence

Question 10(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)

(04.04 LC)Who felt that the duty of government is to protect the natural rights of the people which include life, liberty, and property?

Thomas Jefferson General Gage King George III John Locked.

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