Essay Submission

Essay Choices Topic (Choose One)

Choose one topic from the list below. Review the essay topic carefully and answer the topic as presented.

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Essay Submission
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Only submit ONE essay document. Make sure you upload your final and complete essay. Do not submit a draft or only a cover page. 

Essay Questions (Choose one) 

Essay Question One

How does the Brazilian concept of skin color differ from that found in the U.S.A.? Why are the two concepts so different from one another? What is small-step circularity, and how does it play out in Brazil?  What is undulation, and how does it relate to small-step circularity?

Essay Question Two

What does Robert Lipsyte mean by the phrase, the Church of Football? Do you agree with him?  Why or why not?

Essay Question Three 

Select only one of the cultural metaphors for one of the nations listed and describe two of its major features: Germany, Ireland, Canada, France, the U.S., Malaysia, Nigeria, Israel, or Italy.  Why is it so important to define specifically the major features of a cultural metaphor?

Essay Question Four

The impact of religious views on culture. Support your claims with academic evidences. Help the reader to understand them better and provide insight on important differences between cultures.

Essay Question Five

The effects of coronavirus are having a devastating impact on lives around the world. Please identify your identity and heritage in your answer in terms of race, class, marital status, etc.  Can your culture support your people in Covid-19 isolation? Discuss the socio-cultural implications of Covid-19 globally and locally (communities in your local neighborhoods).

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