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2 full pages minimum

You must use in-text citations or footnotes to show where you got the information to answer these questions from. You can use the textbook, resources from the course, and Internet sources, but it needs to be a combination of all 3 sources. The answers must be in a .docx file, and you will only be able to upload one file for the assignment.

Choose one of these three questions to answer:

  • What does “freedom” mean? What did it mean to the freedmen?  What did the former slaveholders want it to mean?  Give two examples of both.  Whose definition ended up being enforced once Reconstruction was over?  Why do you think it happened that way?
  • What made the Civil War different from any war before it? Name three things.  What effect would the war have on the future of America?
  • Describe Reconstruction (both phases, Presidential and Radical/Congressional). What was it primarily trying to accomplish?  How did it succeed?  How did it fail?  Give examples.

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