Gospel of John

Discussion Prompt: Signs in the Gospel of JohnRead the following passages in the Gospel of John:

  • John 2:1-11; 4:46-54; 5:1-15; 6:1-15; 6:16-20; 9:1-41; and 11:38-57

Notice in all of these passages, John does not use the word “miracle” to describe Jesus’ mighty acts but instead utilizes the word “sign.Respond to the following questions. Use appropriate citations for your scriptural references listed in your entry:

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Gospel of John
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  • What is the point of the “signs”?
    • Why did John use “sign” instead of “miracle”?
  • Choose one of Jesus’ signs listed in John, and describe what the “sign” points to.
  • What in the biblical text can help answer these questions?
  • Session 2 “The Four Gospels” Reflection PaperIn your reading of Gundry this week, you were introduced to the four Gospels. Please write a reflective paper, based off of what you read this week, addressing the following:
    • “Why four Gospels?” Why do we need four accounts of the life of Jesus? Couldn’t we have gotten by with just one or maybe two?
  • Session 2 Journal EntryRead John 20:31. This verse speaks of the purpose of the gospel. Please answer the following questions in your submission:
    • How convincing is the evidence that you have seen in the four Gospel accounts?
    • In your studies so far regarding the life of Jesus, what do you believe are the strongest pieces of evidence found in the Gospels supporting the claims regarding Him? Please cite scripture references that you use to support your work.
    • Do you think any additional evidence should be included? Why or why not?
    • What impact does the gospel have on your life?
  • this had three parts


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