HIST 1301 United States History


According to some historians, the war of 1812 wasn’t necessary and was “rash”.

Discuss two causes of the conflict.

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HIST 1301 United States History
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Explain why you think each cause supports the “rashly unnecessary” charge or if the cause indicates that war was necessary.

Discuss two war results and explain whether or not each benefitted the United States.


The War of 1812: Causes and Effects

Causes Of War Of 1812

Many events and occurrences occurred on the international scene, leading to the “Second War of Independence” in 1812 against British (Hickey) and Donald.

There were two visible causes to the war:

First, America was neutral during the French–British Conflict in 1805; second, American sailors were impressed by the powerful British Royal Navy.

The second cause of war was America’s attempts to expand its territory into Canada and other countries in order achieve the goals of an agricultural society, which Jefferson encouraged.

Analyzing both the causes and consequences, it is clear that America needed the war, even though it was only partially successful.

There were many factors that contributed to this conclusion.

The first is that America didn’t want to be involved in war between the British & French.

It was America’s failure to resolve the conflict peacefully that led it to declare war against Britain.

Second, Jefferson’s agricultural policies forced the state into expanding its geographical borders.

This goal was possible with the help of the war in 1812.

Results of the War

The American history was transformed by the War of 1812 in a manner that even the 1776 revolution couldn’t.

Although America’s armed force failed, the war had long-lasting results (Tindall George, David).

First, it allowed the whites to settle in the Northwest. This was done by disregarding the power of Tecumseh’s Native American movement.

Second, it ended the decades-old conflict against the British.

The war marked a new chapter for the relationship between the two nations, who reached agreements that guaranteed Britain’s recognition and end of British control.

These facts prove that the war in 1812 was beneficial to the US.

The war of 1812 was a win-win situation for both the US and Britain. It brought an end to the Indian rebellion, while also opening up new chapters in the US-British relationship.

This resulted in the US being able to expand geographically, which will allow it to improve its agrarian as well as economic policies.

Hickey Donald R. “The War of 1812: An unresolved conflict.”

University of Illinois Press 2012.

Tindall and George Brown.

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