HIST 170 American History


Elizabeth Freeman, as well as the 2 primary resources below, to illustrate and compare how these concepts developed in the 19th through 21st centuries.

The Wife Victory, Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth

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HIST 170 American History
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Women are an integral part of society and the global community.

At some point in history, women all over the globe have been subject to torture, discrimination and agony.

Countries around the world are now increasingly advocating equality for women.

The most striking thing about women is that they have been able to attain higher education, gain social importance, and hold pivotal roles at work.

In fact, women are well on their way to reaching the pinnacle (Whyte (2015)).

But there is a huge difference between the timelines of different centuries when it comes to women empowerment.

This essay examines the evolution of women’s concepts in the 19th, 20th, and 21st century. It also considers the three literary pieces, The Wife’s Victory, Elizabeth Freeman’s Marriage, and Martha Ballard’s Diary.

It is possible to find a good deal of information by studying the two literature pieces, The Wife’s Victory and Midwife about the 19th century.

The Victorian Age was popularly called this century after Queen Victoria’s triumphant reign.

The spheres that governed personal, professional and social life were dominated by women.

They were expected behave as docile and docile to their fathers, then their husbands and finally, when they grew up, to their sons (Vicinus, 2013).

There was little opportunity for women to work in that century.

The poorer section of society often worked as housekeepers, house maids, house servants, governesses, and sex workers (“Southworth’s The Wife’s Victory”, 2017.

While the more refined members of the society were married into the wealthy and aristocratic families, they were restricted to the four corners of their home as a wife and mother.

The essence of marriage was important (Vicinus 2013).

In general, we can say that women in 19th-century society were left at large and didn’t have much to do in the society.

The Wife’s Victory, Midwife, and the Marriage give us an overview of the idea of the emancipation for women.

The 20th Century was marked by significant scientific and economic changes.

Some of the society’s intellectuals believed that women should enjoy the same rights as men.

Few developed countries such as New Zealand, the United States of America and others have given women the right of vote according to their respective constitutions (Coppock and al.

Gradually, women were allowed to enter the various sectors of the civil and defense services.

“Martha Ballard’s diary online”, 2017, also noted that the importance of marriage was still prominent in society.

In all of the most high-profile international social affairs, women were increasingly visible.

Another noteworthy point that is worth noting is the invention the birth-control pill. It transformed women into independent and carefree individuals.

It was an amazing transition.

Comparing the state of 20th century with the 19th, one can see that the conception of women has greatly improved.

Elizabeth Freeman’s essay on Marriage provides a snapshot of the status of women today in 21st-century society (Freeman 2017).

Women can now choose any profession or lifestyle they want without fear of rejection or derision.

However, there is some intolerance towards women in the society (Dicker Rory, Alison 2016).

However, women can make progress in society just as fast as men by acquiring higher education and being exposed to different facets of society.

In today’s 21st-century world, marriage is no longer the sole option for women.

Women can also be married to men of different races, and they do so with great success (Wetchler Joseph, Lorna, and Lorna, 2014).

Women are flourishing in all spheres, including politics, sports, and bioscope.

In the 21st century, women’s roles are both influential and powerful.

It can be concluded that the idea of the evolution of women has been significant and important over the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

Women were subjugated by social conservatism and social Puritanism in the 19th Century.

Their speech and movement freedom were limited and closely monitored.

The 19th century and 21st century were a welcome breath of fresh air to women around the world.

After many years of oppression and repression women finally have the freedom, excellence, and eminence they deserve.

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