Historian’s philosophy

  • Write about historian (Michel Foucault) . link for Video on the historical philosophy of Michel Foucaulthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBJTeNTZtGU  
  • Provide an introduction
  • Explain the historian’s philosophy in depth
  • Apply the historian’s philosophy to sport: In other words, how would they interpret historical changes related to sports? In explaining the historian’s thought processes use concepts discussed in your readings. (refer to your readings for assistance in selecting an historian).
  • Provide support for your arguments from your readings, the videos, and external sources
  • Summarize everything in a conclusion
  • Format the paper using APA style, double spaced, with a title page, appropriate headings, citations, paraphrasing, and reference page(s).
  • Use headings and labels to organize your work
  • The essay must be MINIMUM 750 words (excluding title and reference pages).
  • A minimum of four (4) ACADEMIC references must be included, and must follow APA referencing style.
  • Citations, references AND paraphrasing must be used. This is your final assignment, do not lose marks due to plagiarism. Write in your own words. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!

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