HIUS 221 Survey Of American History


Your essay must explain how the idea of class has changed over American History.

Your argument should be based on one topic sentence.

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HIUS 221 Survey Of American History
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Take a look at the essay “Class” to see how it compares with Walker Evans’ photography of the 1930s. Compare with Chocolate Pot


Social class has been an important topic in American history and it has been debated for decades (Gilbert 2014.

Eric Lott discusses the class issues and the evolution of the class since the late 17th-century.

The idealization and conception of the class in that era was so ingrained that only Abraham Lincoln believed in American Exceptionalism, which advocates the idea that citizens can have unlimited opportunities.

America’s class formation and class consciousness have been part of American society from the early 17th-century.

The distinctive characteristics of the age that were most noticeable are the class differences. This is evident from John Winthrop’s sermon, Arbella.

The values, dignity, respectability and quality of the class were all important in that particular century.

Erik Olin Wight also makes distinctions between class structure, class formation and class consciousness in a writing.

The entry of individuals into social relations enhances the class consciousness. However, the class formation refers more to the organized collectives that are the result or the interests formed by the class structure.

Raymond Williams referred to the class as the “whole-way of life” while E. P Thompson referred to it as the “whole-way of conflicts”.

Wile can be referred to regarding the development of the class of law for married women protecting their property.

In the early 19th-century, the state began to adopt common laws to protect the property of married women.

The act was adopted in 1848 (memory.loc.gov 2017.

It covers both the personal and real property as well the origination and protection of any property that is inherited from the marriage of the females.

This property protection act is an indicator of America’s class system.

The Homestead Act, which was passed in 1862, is another attempt to protect married women’s property.

These acts allowed women the ability to preserve their class after the death of their husbands.

Walker Evans’ 1930 photographs clearly show America’s class distinction. (www.metmuseum.org 2017.

Evans’ photographs show the depth and despair of the lower classes.

It should be noted that the majority of the photos were taken of people with backgrounds that reflect the class distinction, and not other objects.

Another example of society’s high class is the engraving on the silver chocolat pot.

The art is from the early 18th Century (www.metmuseum.org 2017,).

This argumentative discourse shows the predominance of the class within the Amerian society.

The American class structure in an era of growing inequality.

Sage Publications. 2014.

Memory.loc.gov.. Married Women’s Property Laws. Law Library Of Congress.

Heilbrunn Timeline Of Art History


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