HST202 U S History


To make your project successful, describe the problems you have solved or are facing.



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HST202 U S History
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The birth and raising of a child

Contribution towards society


Sojourner Truth, feminism

Through the completion of the assignment, I learned a few things about Sojourner truth’s life. These included the hardships she faced and the successes she has achieved.

Truth was a member the African-American class, and she was born to a slave household during the course of the assignment.

Truth, her infant daughter and herself had suffered for years before finally being freed from slavery at the tender age of 29.

She had dedicated her whole life to fighting for the elimination of discrimination on the basis of race or gender.

This assignment allowed me to learn more about Sojourner Truth’s famous speech “Ain’t she a woman?”, which addressed the equality of residents based upon their gender.

Truth dismissed the claims that women needed help in all areas of their lives.

She demonstrates in her speech that she accomplished all the tasks that were thought to be the responsibility of men.

According to her, women and men shouldn’t be treated differently because of their gender. They should have equal rights.

One might face some challenges while working on the project.

Finding information about the subject person can be difficult.

Researcher may not have easy access to articles that focus on the achievements of the subject.

A successful project requires that the researcher is well-informed about the topic and research subject.

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