Material in the text

This is an informal essay that allow for you to reflect on the material in the text, and Discussions. DRP’s will keep you engaged and allow you a mechanism to comment on questions posed by the teacher as well as your own inquiries about textual material. The requirements for this is it to be double spaced, informal and two-three  pages in length and will allow you to: state your opinion about an issue and enable you to engage the course materials in a creative and personal nature. It will help you to reflect on the material you read and to be better prepared for the other activities on the web page. It will give you regular practice in writing and please remember not to repeat what is stated in the text but to state what you feel and what you think about an issue, place or person. It will give you a written record of your thoughts and ideas, which will help you in the Discussions.

My topic I would like to write about is the Native Americans. I would like to discuss about drop in population of the Natives which is mentions on page 38-40 in the subsection called ‘Their numbers thinned” as the issue of the time.Files: The First Pacific Northwesterners (Chapter 2).pdf

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Material in the text
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