Most interesting themes

Session 4 OT Theme VlogA “vlog” is a video blog. This is a medium where you express yourself, however you want; but with a penchant for professionalism, we don’t want to just talk off the cuff.This week, you are to create a written script and a two-part vlog where you interact with the main themes of the OT presented in the lecture. First, create a written outline to address the questions in Part 2 and Part 3. Then record your video, upload them to YouTube, and submit the link to complete this assignment.

  • Part 1 : Create a written script for both vlog entries.
  • Part 2 : Film a 5-10-minute video, articulating what you find to be the two most interesting themes that weave through the OT.
  • Part 3 : Film a 5-10-minute video
    • Based on what you’ve learned so far in the course, how do the themes you chose fit into the greater OT storyline?

Submit all three parts of your assignment, correctly labeled (please label your videos “Part 2” and “Part 3”) to the appropriate submission area. Please submit your outline as usual, and submit the links for your videos in the assignment comment box.Tips for Recording:

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Most interesting themes
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  • To record your video, you can use your smartphone or camera, or laptop with recording software (Screencast-o-matic is a good free option or ZOOM with your CCU student account) to complete this assignment.
  • Use the “Technology Quick Guide” on the Dashboard in Blackboard for more assistance with using video software, in particular, the  YouTube-Recording Video and Sharing (pdf)  YouTube-Recording Video and Sharing (pdf) – Alternative Formats will give you specific information with how to record your video, upload it to YouTube, and submit it in Blackboard.

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