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For these dropbox reading response questions, please attach your Word/Works/Notepad file in the submission box. 

–Using your text as the source, answer each of the following questions in a minimum of 4-6 sentences.  Be sure to cite the pages from the text where you find your answer.  Each question counts as a percentage of the assignment.  If you fail to complete a question, then that percentage will automatically be deducted from the grade.

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–Please see the rubric for how these will be graded.

Here are some extra websites and videos to help with this topic.  I have also attached a couple of my presentations for this topic. on the Industrial Revolution –

An overview from the British Library –

Here is the Crash Course overview of the Industrial Revolution –

Another overview of the period –

An interesting video on personal hygiene during this period.  It was very dirty.

Be sure to cite the page numbers from the text, and other resources to indicate where you found the material.

1. Why did the cotton-spinning jenny and the water frame prove to be crucial breakthroughs for industrialization?

2. Why did both mill owners and families initially favor the family unit form of employment?

3. Why did continental European countries, when they began to industrialize after 1815, have advantages that Great Britain had lacked?

4. What challenges did western European countries face as they attempted to catch up to industrialized Britain?

5. Technological innovation was critical to the industrial development of Britain. Assess the impact of technology on the British economy by examining innovations in textile production.

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