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Getting started on your Online Classes

We can do all the registration for you including attending some of your Group assignments

The issues in the society have affected students in a very great way. International students are no longer free to travel upstate for further studies. As a result, many are forced to enroll for online classes.

That said, the process of enrolling for the online class is a hectic ordeal that most students aren’t able to master. As a result, many end up abandoning the process. We have therefore come in to help students from overseas to enroll for Online Classes and help them settle down for the classes.

5 Tips to help you prepare for an online class

  1. Treat all online classes like your normal classes
  2. Add tasks given on online classes in your normal to do list
  3. Keep time zones on your calendar lest you miss a class, or group work.
  4. Get digitally organized – create folders and sub-folders.
  5. Get a notebook for every class to avoid a confusion.

Are you already in an Online class and just need our help with an assignment?

Basics of Online Learning - What you Need to Know

What you need to consider

  1. The Deadlines for Application – Most online classes are seasonal
  2. How to Enroll – Some Universities need you to visit the campus first
  3. Tuition and Fees. – You need to understand the full cost of a course and what you need
  4. Contacts – you need to know who to call in case you’re stranded int he middle of a class
  5. How to Cancel, Drop or Withdraw from a program

Where we Come in

Many students Find the process of Online application for a course very tedious. As a result, students come to us with some or all details of a program and we go ahead and handle the process for them. We research more about the program and advice the student in case there are missing pointers that are necessary in the course.

Our involvement does not end there. If a student find the course strenuous, we go ahead to do some, most or all the class related assignments on behalf of the student. We make the cost of this project affordable by working with the budget of the student.

How to Reach us

Do you feel like this is what you have been looking for? are you ready to walk in this journey with us? welcome on board. If you are here, you are one click away to reaching us and starting off the conversation.

You can reach us either through our live chat that is on the bottom right of this page. You can also reach us via whatsApp also available on this page of the bottom left. If you would like to send details in another way, you can send the details via mail on [email protected]  We are at your service no matter the mode of communication you choose.