Our manifest destiny

John O’Sullivan coined the phrase “Manifest Destiny” in 1845 as a description of how America was made and how it will ultimately become. “John O’Sullivan’s ‘Annexation’ declared that, ‘the fulfillment of our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions” (World History, 2017, para. 6). What he meant was that the organic forming of America was destiny, and within this destiny America would continue to expand its democracy across the continent. Settlers during that time believed that in a democracy as agreeable and expansive as the one in America, further growth would ensure a country that was always liberated. 

“Manifest Destiny” is a phrase that helped shape the America we live in today. Freedom and the pursuit of happiness are and always have been two main points of living in this country. Settlers moving west at that point in time, and immigrants moving to America tend to have a belief in the systems used in it’s government that promote successful, democratic, and liberating ways of life. While “Manifest Destiny” was coined as a phrase of hope and growth in 1845, today it is the foundation America bases it’s beliefs in. 

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Our manifest destiny
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1. Do you believe this to be true?

During that time James Polk was in office, and the ideological leader of the term, According Khan Academy 2019, to The proviso, which was strongly opposed by the slave-holding South, asserted that the Mexican-American War had not been fought for the purpose of expanding slavery, and stipulated that slavery would never exist in the territories acquired from Mexico in the war. Ultimately, Polk’s territorial expansionism, though aimed at national unity, wound up intensifying sectional conflict and further paving the road to civil war. (Khan Academy 2019) 

1. Could it have been speculation?

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