Progressive Delivery

Progressive Delivery is designed to provide you with greater control over orders of large size.

Progressive Delivery option gives you:

  1. higher degree that you control process, as you will receive every stage or part when it’s completed
  2. A capability to divide the amount into multiple installments according to your budget
  3. Quick and efficient Communication between you and your writer is assured by a dedicated manager who is always keeping on your orders
  4. The advanced plan option. You can have the document delivered in phases, according to an agreed-upon schedule. This lets you plan according to your needs
  5. A longer unlimited revise deadline. You can get the benefit of 21 days of revisions instead of the standard 7 days by the standard service.

What is the price it cost and how do you purchase it?

The Progressive Delivery service costs only 10 percent more than the original cost of your paper. If you would like to add this option Contact us via our Support Team to arrange a payment plan that is suitable for you.

Limitations of the service:

It is important to note that there are limitations on this feature – it’s not applicable to orders that have deadlines ranging from eight hours up to three days or the total amount of less than $200. It is required for papers that have a deadline of more than or equals 7-10 working days and the total cost is greater than $600.