Refer & Earn

Step 1: Register

There are two ways to enroll into our Affiliate Program

If you have already placed an order into our site for any service, it means you already have login details into the site and that is all you need to enroll.

If you have never registered for any service in the past, then you need to register first.

All you need is your email address and a phone number where we can reach you when we need some feedback from you.

Step 2: Get your Customized Link

Go ahead and access the AFFILIATE LINK that you need to start promoting our Products.

Now that you have the AFFILIATE LINK, time to get your hands dirty. You can check our prices page among other articles to help you understand the essay products that we offer. You’re encouraged to come up with your original content to help you do the promotion.

Alternatively, you can add the link to your socials or send to friends.

If you choose to do the campaign through face to face or word of mouth, then we will need the email address of the new client or the order number for the paper that was ordered.

Step 3: Withdraw What you Earn

After you have done your work of sending the AFFILIATE LINK, all that remains is to watch your funds grow. When the invited client places an order, your funds grow by $10. you can monitor your WALLET where your funds will be added.

If you choose to do the campaign through face to face or word of mouth, then we will need the email address of the new client or the order number for the paper that was ordered. The fee will be added to your Wallet in our platform.

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Here are some frequently asked questions

How do i withdraw my Earnings?

All payments are sent to the recipient every 5th day of the month.

In the case of existing clients, you can choose to use the funds for your later orders. For this case, we contact our affiliates and ask them if they want the funds to remain in the wallet or we wire it to their accounts.

How are the Funds Sent to the Affiliates?

We use Paypal as our mode of funds disbursement. Please ensure you have set up your paypal account and where necessary, verify your account. This helps you access the funds immediately we send.

What do i need to qualify into the Affiliate Program?

Our platform is open to all people as long as you follow the set guidelines.

Such guidelines are simple, do not employ Black-hat strategies to get clients. If you’re blacklisted by google, then we will have to withdraw you from our AFFILIATE program.

What happens when the customer registers but doesn't Place an Order?

The only way to know that your recommendation is real is by that new client placing and paying for an order.

Additionally, if the client places and cancels the order on a fault that is not our own, the commission will also be canceled.

However, we will provide the necessary evidence for the cancellation.

Must the Client use the invite link for me to get my commission?


Sometimes some clients recommend new clients through word of mouth. For such cases, we give the commission.

However, you need to contact us with the details of the new client. This includes either the email address or the order number for the paper they ordered for.

You can either come to the chat with the details or email us on [email protected].

Always encourage your users to use the invite link so that the earnings reflect in your wallet immediately the client places an order.

Can i use your articles to advertise the products?


We always recommend our affiliates to get creative. You can read through our articles then come up with your own original article.

Our site is covered by DMCA who are always protecting our content from spammers. If you copy our content, you stand a chance of getting a google strike.