Research Presentation

Research Presentation: Each student will submit one PowerPoint (PPT) documentary presentation that must include:

  • Title page/screen
  • Animated (auto-play) or contain one video or audio clip;
  • Between 2-4 minutes in length;
  • Contain citations for materials used.

Your first slide/intro should include the Title of your Documentary and a brief description of what sociological issue you are covering.

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Research Presentation
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Look at the course and/or module learning objectives for ideas.  For instance, would you like to submit your documentary video on music’s impact on society, or how music influences personal responsibility related to actions and ethics, how music can promote cultural understanding, how does music impact selected populations… the idea list is vast. 

Grade Rubric – Research Presentation

100 points 

Satisfactorily addresses any one sociological concept through music that demonstrates social responsibility.

25 points 

Is technically (animation is correct) and visually appealing (file sizes are appropriate…).

 25 points 

Adheres to 2-4 minute length requirement and includes references as appropriate.

25 points 

Citation/Reference for 2 current SOCI or MUSI journal research articles.

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