SEC 435 Advanced Network Management


Give two examples of computer programs that can use connection-oriented service.

Two examples are needed to show why connectionless service is the best.

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SEC 435 Advanced Network Management
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TCP and UDP both use port numbers when sending messages.

These protocols used port numbers to identify the destination entity when delivering a message.

In the diagram above, router interfaces are shown as part of the total number of hosts.

Network C has 2 hosts, for instance.

Both hosts are router interfaces.

3a) Create a network scheme by using a single class C private network range.

List the

For each network, there are addresses for the Broadcast address, Network address, Netmask, Router Interface(s), and IP addresses.

3b. Using the network diagram, create a network optimized with a private-class C address using VLSM.

For each network, list the Broadcast address, Network address, netmask, and Router Interface (s) addresses.

(Why did your network design choose the size you did?)

TCP will re-transmit substantial amounts of data under what circumstances of delay, bandwidth loss, load and packet loss?


The connection oriented protocol is used to transmit data from one end to the other.

Video on demand and file transfers are two examples of connection-oriented services.

There are two services that require less connection: electronic fund transfer, and credit card verification.

This is why new abstract ID is generated instead of process id.

The process ID is assigned dynamically when a new process is created.

This is why it is not used to identify an HTTP process.

If a certain scenario is present, one process could manage multiple sockets across different TSAPs. However, if processID is being used to handle this situation, it can’t be initiated because one process is assigned with only one process ID.


Name of the Subnet

Needed Size

Allocated Size



Assignable Range


Network A

Network D

Network B

Network C

Subnet Name

Size Required

Allocated Size



Assignable Range


Network A

Network B

Network C

Network D

TCP protocol retransmits large volumes of data to unnecessarily, due to longer RTO (retransmission timeout) and acknowledgment for transmitted message.

A retransmission takes place at the moment RTT estimators can’t be updated until acknowledgment for retransmitted information is received.

This problem is known to be a retransmission-ambiguity problem. It results in TCP retransmissions of significant data.

TCP senders may also notice that the fast-retransmit threshold is too low and that there is reordering within the network.

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