Selection of a biography

In Session 5, you will need to submit a summary and response paper based on your selection of a biography. For this assignment,  you will summarize and highlight major points and insights presented in each chapter, as well as assess the significance of such insights, chapter-by-chapter. This is an ongoing assignment throughout the course, and though no submission is required until Session 5, it should be something you are spending time on each week up until our final session.

This week, select and begin reading one of the following biographies:

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Selection of a biography
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Duesing, J. B. (2012). Adoniram Judson: A bicentennial appreciation of the pioneer American missionary. Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishing.

  • Adoniram Judson was one of the leading missionary figures at the beginning of the modern missions movement. This book is a fascinating look into the life of one who endured great hardship to bring the gospel of Christ to unreached peoples of Southeast Asia in the early 19th century. Those interested in frontier missions and the history of missionary activity in Asia will especially enjoy this book.

Bainton, R. H. (2013). Here I stand: A life of Martin Luther. Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press.

  • Roland Bainton has written a sympathetic and very readable biography of Martin Luther, telling the tale of his exciting life. Luther’s life was filled with drama, as he became the leader of the Protestant movement, which began in the early 1500s. Bainton has given us the classic story of this founding father of Protestantism.

Chadwick, H. (2010). Augustine of Hippo: A life. New York: Oxford University Press.

  • Augustine was the most significant theologian of the early church. His writings set the agenda for the developments of medieval Catholicism, and the Protestant Reformers also drew significantly from Augustine and his arguments. Chadwick has written a very readable biography that opens up both Augustine’s life and the historical setting in which he lived.

Gutjahr, P. C. (2011). Charles Hodge: Guardian of American orthodoxy. New York: Oxford University Press.

  • Charles Hodge was probably the most significant theologian in America in the 1800s. He stood as a bastion for theological orthodoxy and genuine spirituality, in a setting in which American religion was fragmenting and deviating from its historical roots. To understand Hodge is to better understand American evangelicalism, and Gutjahr has told his story in a very enjoyable and readable way.

Marsden, G. M. (2003). Jonathan Edwards: A Life. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

  • Jonathan Edwards was America’s leading theologian in the 1700s. He participated in the Great Awakening, and his life provides a glimpse into the difficulties of one who zealously pursued a life of heavenly-mindAt this point, you should have finished reading the biography you have selected. For your final assignment, you will submit a summary and response paper on this reading. Summarize and highlight major points and insights presented in the book as a whole, as well as assess the significance of such insights for today. This paper should be clearly divided and organized into two distinct sections:Section One:
  • Summarizing the major themes/points that the author is making about the subject. (three to four pages)

Section Two:

  • Responding to reading and noting any significant connections that the individual has to either past or present events in Church history. (one to two pages)

No other sources are required for this paper; however, you should demonstrate a thoughtful interaction with your selected biography. Your paper should be approximately four to six pages in length and written in APA style, with an introduction, conclusion, and three to four pages of summary, and one to two pages of response.

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