SOSC 366 Research Methods In The Social Sciences


Are developed countries morally or otherwise obligated to aid developing nations?


Economic Status of Phillipines

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SOSC 366 Research Methods In The Social Sciences
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State Of The Nations

We share the planet and use the same resources.

However, the advantage seems to be in the distribution of resources for developed countries.

Look at the Philippines. It was colonized three times before becoming independent.

Between 1521 and 1898, the Spanish colonized the Philippines.

This period was also called the Spanish colonial time.

It was governed under the Spanish Empire. The Spanish American war would see the Spanish defeat.

This was the beginning of America’s Colonial Era.

The Philippines were ruled by the Americans from 1898-1946. They would continue to do so until the Americans recognized the islands’ independence.

After the 1941 invasion of the Philippines, which took place at Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Japanese empire occupied the Philippine common resources between 1942 and 1945.

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Andrew Mitchell. “They should feel proud when they stand with the less fortunate”

Are they deserving to be assisted?

They do.

They did.

They ruled in both resource-rich nations and in poor nations. This was because they accumulated resources for themselves, while exploiting the low labor supply in the regions. Workers were paid very little for their hard work.

Why should you help?

Global harmony is essential. This cannot be achieved in the face of sickness, poverty, or other issues related to scarcity of resources.

They are entitled to the same amount of Westerners’ and Europeans’ initial enjoyment as they were.

Why were the Philippines colonized?

The port it owned gave it a bright future economic outlook.

Its location allowed for trade between Asian countries.

Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean to the East allowed for successful trades between the Americans and the Spanish.

It was a catalyst for religious expansionism. More Filipinos accepted Catholicism while more were converted to Christianity in the American era.

Although helping could lead to bad relations with other states for the states that provide assistance undeveloped states, heavy interests do financial assistance offered and misuse of power to decision making process, there are still ways to be informed, wise, and deliberate in offering assistance to poor countries.

Are there any risks involved?

Influence of the rich on the politics of the poor

Conditional generosities, where the give-give situation oppresses the poor nations.

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