For Part Two of your Final Exam, read text Chapter 29 and watch “Vietnam” (Media Rich Communications, in America in the 20th Century, 10), and “The Sixties in America.”

  1. For each topic (Vietnam, and the Counter-Culture Revolution of the 1960s) discuss how these events and movements challenged the status quo in the United States. In the case of Vietnam, discuss how the conflict was a continuation of Cold War policies of earlier eras.
  2. Historians have argued that this was a period of “coming apart.” Was it? Who were the principal protagonists/antagonists? What did they rebel against and what did they seek to accomplish?
  3. Find five newspaper articles for each topic (ten total) that demonstrate the major controversies associated with each and summarize these examples.
  4. What changed in US domestic and foreign policy during this tumultuous period?  How did the conflict in Vietnam end?

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