War on Terror

After reading chapters 2 and 3 in The Devil’s Historians, please answer the following questions in a few paragraphs each:

1. Describe an example when the medieval past has been used to support nationalism in (1) Europe and (2) the US. How does the common perception of the Middle Ages as a time of “pure” and isolated nations and peoples compare with historical reality? 

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War on Terror
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Patriotism supports the presence of patriotism in the Middle Ages primarily in Europe. This way of thinking varies from innovation, which proposes that patriotism created after the late eighteenth century and the French Revolution

2. Explain how the medieval past has become part of the rhetoric around the “War on Terror” since the September 11 attacks (on both sides). Were the Middle Ages a time of profound religious intolerance and interfaith violence, as is often assumed?

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