World Religions

The Unit 6 Journal is based on the readings from Women and Religion and the videos from this unit. (Do not use THINK! World Religions.)

These are the four required elements for your journal: 

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World Religions
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  1. Give at least one quote from the readings (cite author and page number) – if there are multiple sources for readings it is fine to choose a quote from each.
  2. Ask a question of clarification or analysis.
  3. Write a substantial 2 paragraph (meaning at least 7-10 sentences per paragraph as a minimum) response that engages with the ideas and examples, including giving your own supported perspective.

In your text Women and Religious Traditions, read

  • Chapter 7: “Women in Islam”

In addition to reading this chapter, read these articles by Martha Nussbaum:

  • “Veiled Threats?”
  • “Beyond the Veil: A Response”

Include a works cited list.The journal should NOT be a summary of the texts but a thoughtful consideration of some ideas that emerged from the readings.

Guidelines: Double-space your submission and attach it as a Word doc. (Do not submit a PDF.) Format it overall so it complies with MLA or APA.

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