You became familiar

Unit I Assignment


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You became familiar
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In Unit I, you became familiar with not only some of the unique and amazing cultures of Paleo-America, but also the important opportunities we all have by studying the vast complexity of America’s past. 

For this assignment, you will begin by selecting a tribal culture, event, or theory connected with Paleo-America that captures your interest.

Once you have selected your topic, you will go to the CSU Online Library and locate a peer-reviewed article about your topic.

After you have read your selected article, download and complete the  Unit I Worksheet .

You will upload your worksheet once it is complete.

How to find peer-reviewed resources video

Unit III Assignment


Letter to a Family Member

For this assignment, you will write a letter to a fictional family member; where the family member lives is your choice.

You currently live in Colonial America in 1776, immediately after the Declaration of Independence has been announced throughout the colonies. Where you live in Colonial America is your choice. In your letter, you will identify yourself as a loyalist or a patriot, and discuss whether the political actions taken by King George III or the Continental Congress were enough. Discuss how the people in your colony are feeling and reacting to the acts that have been imposed. Briefly describe the economic, political, and social impacts you will face; what actions will you take as the 13 colonies and Great Britain wage war? Your assignment must be a minimum of two pages in length.APA Style will not be required for this assignment, unless directly quoting. Colloquial tone is permitted.

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